1896 Amet Magniscope — Early Motion Picture Projector — In Factory Crate


1896 Amet Magniscope Motion Picture Projector In Factory Crate

As movie projectors go, this is pretty much where it all began.  The Magniscope, invented in 1894 and put into production in late 1895, was the brainchild of Waukegan, IL machinist Edward Hill Amet.

In France, the Lumiere Brothers had demonstrated the viability of projecting motion pictures onto a vertical surface prior to the Magniscope’s commercialization (barely), but Edward Amet’s invention — of which only six or seven examples are known to exist — was the first practical application of the technology, with standardized supply and take-up reels and sprocket driven 35mm film.

Amet was sued by Edison, inventor of the peephole Kinetoscope, but the former stood his ground, and over the course of several years, Amet produced both his Magniscopes and the films to run through them.

Condition of this example is very good to excellent throughout. The are no pulley belts, but it’s otherwise complete, correct and original, and it comes with its original traveling crate, as well as both arms and both reels. The flywheel runs smoothly when cranked, and the lens is undamaged.

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