1899 Edison “Square Top” Standard Phonograph


1899 Edison “Square Top” Standard Phonograph

Here’s a beautiful “4-Clip” Standard with an all-brass horn and an Edison Automatic Reproducer.

Condition is remarkable. Mechanically and cosmetically, it’s just about mint, and there are no reproduction or replacement parts. Original enamel on the bedplate is still deep black and glossy, and the gold detailing along the bedplate’s periphery is close to perfect. The Edison signature on the vertical plane of the casting is still crisp and prominent. The plated parts still gleam, the mandrel is true, and the endgate locks snugly. The reproducer clips are original, as are the tiny screws.

The cabinet finish is likewise close to perfect, and there are no cracks in the cabinet lid; nor are there any cracks in the baseboard. No damage to any of the base molding. No wood repairs or restoration of any type.  The nickel-plated cabinet hardware is the phonograph’s only concession to age. There’s some surface oxidation and tarnish, but the clips and latches are all structurally sound and work properly.

The mechanism is in excellent condition, both above and below the bedplate. The Automatic reproducer has a good stylus, and the tube plate and weight are both in good shape.  The motor is still robust, and the phonograph can easily make it through a cylinder or two with a single winding. The crank, like the rest of the phonograph, is original and in excellent condition, with glossy black enamel that exhibits minimal wear.

Comes with a good brown wax cylinder, ca. 1899.


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