1900 Eldridge R. Johnson Type C “Victor” * Untouched, Complete, Single-Family Phonograph


1900 Eldridge R Johnson Type C “Victor” * Untouched, Complete, Single-Family Phonograph

The Type C “Victor” — introduced in 1900 — was machinist Eldridge Johnson’s first attempt at designing a phonograph that was not largely derivative of a Berliner Gramophone.

It was, as such, the birth of the Victor Talking Machine.

This excellent, single-family phonograph is complete and working, and it has no replica or replacement parts.

Original Johnson horn; original Johnson leather horn elbow; original Johnson horn cradle; original Johnson record clamp; original Johnson Concert reproducer.

Scattered areas of nickel wear and pitting on the bedplate and turntable rim — all visible in the pictures. Cabinet finish is original, and the cabinet itself is structurally sound, with no issues. Data plate is legible; traveling arm is undamaged; support arm is clean; record clamp retains its original felt. Mechanism is original throughout and pristine.

A seminal phonograph. Runs well; needs nothing.


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