1901 Columbia AB MacDonald Grand Graphophone Cylinder Phonograph


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Columbia’s Type AB cylinder phonograph dates to the turn of the last century and has nesting mandrels, which enable it to play either standard 2″ cylinders or Concert-sized 5″ cylinders. As you can see in the photos, the larger mandrel fits over the smaller mandrel like a sleeve and is secured with a knurled nut at the end. When you want to play a conventional cylinder, you simply remove the knurled nut, remove the large mandrel and lower the carriage head by loosening a butterfly nut.

Condition is excellent, and the phonograph has no replacement or replica parts. Clean mechanism, gleaming bedplate, strong motor, excellent original cabinet finish, vibrant original cabinet decal. The aluminum horn is original, and it’s in excellent condition, with scattered minor marks and tiny dings but no dents, no damage. The horn’s patent status is blind-stamped into its nozzle. The AB recorder comes in its original box, and its original ski slope stylus bar and cutter are still intact. The heavy reproducer has a good sapphire stylus, and it sounds good.


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