1901 Type M “Victor” Phonograph With Eldridge Johnson Sound Box, Leather Elbow, Record Clamp, Etc.


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Early and quite beautiful Type M phonograph made by Eldridge Johnson shortly after launching the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1901.

Condition is excellent, and there are no replica parts.

Clean, correct mechanism is in good working order, and the early brass motor is quiet for a Berliner era machine. Excellent Eldridge R. Johnson Exhibition sound box, with good gaskets and an undamaged diaphragm (rebuilt at some point in the recent past).

Cabinet finish has been French-polished to remove crazing, then waxed & buffed to a soft gloss; no splits in the motorboard, and the original rubber feet are intact on the underside of the baseboard; data plate is clean and legible.

Clean original nickel-plating on all the small hardware; clean original horn that’s been professionally rolled, re-painted and polished; original record hold-down has some pitting on the top side but is in good condition overall, with its original felt still intact on the underside; clean original crank; clean original tonearm; original leather elbow is in good condition, with stitching intact. Turntable felt is original, with no insect damage, needle digs, or fabric rends.

The motor is strong, with plenty of torque. Governor works properly. Machine runs level, plays very well for such an early disc phonograph.

A fine example of a hard-to-find Johnson phonograph.


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