1902 Zon-O-Phone Glass-Sided Concert Grand Phonograph


1902 Zonophone Glass-Sided Concert Grand Phonograph.

As Zon-O-Phones go, the glass-sided Concert Grand is probably the most collectible — and most elusive — of the bunch.  It was a transitional phonograph — the bridge between the Zon-O-Phone “A” of 1901 and the Zon-O-Phone Grand Opera of 1903. Like the “A,” the Concert Grand had cut glass panes on either side of the cabinet, so the motor and gear train could be viewed while the machine was playing.  Like the Grand Opera, it had a 9″ turntable, a tiered base, fancy arms and a 30″ all-brass horn.  In the case of the Concert Grand, the horn extended so far from the front of the machine that the support arm required a leg to stabilize the phonograph, lest it surrender to the laws of physics and keel forward.

Condition of this example is excellent throughout. The support arm and traveling arm are replicas (they were nickel-plated by Paul Baker), but the phonograph is otherwise original throughout, with a smooth cabinet finish, a pristine celluloid cabinet tag, clear glass cabinet panes (no cracks or other damage), a clean crank and a resilient spring pin on the turntable. Horn is securely soldered to the elbow, and the reproducer is in good shape. The mechanism has been recently serviced, and the machine plays well.

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