1904 Victor M Phonograph With Victor Spear Tip Horn


1904 Victor M Phonograph With Victor Spear Tip Horn

First generation Taper Arm Victor M (Monarch) with an original Victor “Spear Tip” horn.

Condition is excellent, and the phonograph runs well. Early brass motor and gearing. Governor is working properly, and the speed is steady. Plays 2 or more 10″ sides with a single winding.

Oak cabinet retains its original finish, which has been professionally polished (to remove crazing), protected with a topcoat of varnish, then hand-waxed to a buttery glow that looks beautiful in any type of lighting. Data plate is clean and legible.  Corner columns and capitols are original and undamaged. No missing molding, no damaged trim.

Back-bracket enamel is original, as are the decorations. Blue highlights are still visible, and the Japanned finish is still glossy.

Clean mechanism, clean turntable, with clean original felt.  Exhibition reproducer has a good diaphragm and is loud and dynamic.

Original Victor Spear Tip horn is outstanding, with no damage, no repairs, no spliced in sections, no splintered wood, no warping, no rim splits, no issues. Clean collar with nice original nickel-plating. Patent data is blind-stamped into the metal and still legible. Nipper decal is an older replacement, but overall this is one of the nicest Spear Tip horns you’re likely to encounter, and as you can see in the photographs, the golden oak finish is almost identical to that of the phonograph, so you get a perfect match, not a forced marriage.

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