1907 Columbia BVT Cylinder Phonograph With Removable Back-Bracket


1907 Columbia BVT Cylinder Graphophone With Removable Back-Bracket

Uncommon Columbia BVT cylinder phonograph with a back-bracket that snaps onto the bedplate instead of bolting into the back of the cabinet. The phonograph is in good working order and comes with its original Columbia flower horn.

Condition is excellent.  The nickel plating on the bedplate and hardware is original and clean, mechanism runs well, governor is working properly. The reproducer is original, and it sounds quite good.  When fully wound, has no trouble making it all the way through a cylinder.

Cabinet is beautiful, with a clean original finish and crisp original decals. Lid latches are working.

The crank is original and correct, and it’s in nice shape, with no rust. The  horn is also original, and it’s in excellent condition. Areas of paint wear, and few scattered dings and marks, but nothing bad or distracting.

Comes with a nice Columbia black wax cylinder.


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