1907 Victor VI Phonograph With Victor 24B Brass Horn


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When it was introduced in 1904, the Victor 6 (later renamed the Victor VI) was Victor’s top-of-the-line phonograph. With a solid mahogany cabinet, gold-plated hardware, a turntable that floated on a bed of bearings, and a nickel-plated 3-spring motor capable of playing multiple sides with a single winding, the Victor VI had no peers, and it was widely regarded as a visual and mechanical masterpiece. More than a century later, the Victor VI remains a cornerstone acquisition for any advanced collection of antique phonographs.

Condition of this example is excellent, close to mint, and it’s completely original. No re-plating, no replica parts, no repairs, no refinishing, no issues whatsoever. The original Victor 24B horn is outstanding, with just enough patina to lend it a warm golden hue, making it the perfect counterpoint to the phonograph’s gold-plated hardware and cabinet fittings.

The cabinet finish is original, and its patina is perfect — dark maroon with no irregularities. Cabinet itself is outstanding, with tight glue joints everywhere. Beautiful original gold-plating on the hardware and corner columns, with spot tarnish but nothing unsightly; excellent original turntable felt, with hardly any wear; glossy original back-bracket enamel, and nearly perfect original gold back-bracket decorations. Paper license on the underside of the baseboard is original, as is the paper maintenance label inside the cabinet. The data plate on the front of the cabinet is clean and legible.

The original gold-plated Victor Exhibition reproducer sounds great. Loud and clear, with excellent dynamics.  Original nickel plating on the motor, with no rust, no pitting. The gearing is quiet, and the turntable maintains a constant speed.

A stunning machine. Perhaps the first, last and only antique disc phonograph you’ll ever need or want.

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