1908 Victor II “Humpback” Phonograph


1908 Victor II “Humpback” Phonograph * Exceptionally Nice & All-Original

This early version of the Victor II is known colloquially as the “humpback” because of its distinctive raised mounting surface for the back-bracket/tonearm assembly.

Condition is exceptional, and the phonograph is in excellent working order. Original throughout, with no restoration and no replica parts. The original cabinet finish is clean, almost like new, with virtually no wear or crazing. Original paper license is darkened but still intact on the underside of the baseboard, and the original paper oiling instructions are still intact inside the cabinet and still legible.

The back-bracket is clean, with beautiful original color decorations and original enamel that’s still deep black and glossy. The nickel-plated fittings are clean, with only scattered light surface oxidation. The ID plate is clean and legible, the brake is working properly. The horn elbow has no dings or dents, the motor and governor are working properly, the original Victor Exhibition reproducer is working properly (and sounds great). The turntable felt is original, and it’s in good condition, with no rends, no stains, no insect damage, etc.

The brass and black Victor horn is in outstanding condition, with glossy original paint, and no dents or other damage. “Nipper” decal is original and nearly perfect. Horn measures approximately 22 inches long (including elbow). Bell diameter is approximately 14″. Patent info is stamped prominently above the seam on the barrel.

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