1910 Victor V Phonograph With 22″ Spear Tip Horn


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The Victor V was the successor to the Victor D and was the company’s flagship outside horn oak phonograph until it was discontinued almost 20 years later. In 1906, the Victor V’s styling changed dramatically, from Rococo to Mission, but the phonograph otherwise remained pretty much the same, with a 12″ turntable, a triple spring motor, and a solid quartersawn oak cabinet. When new, it sold for $75 with an oak horn, about two month’s wages for the average American worker.

This Victor V is exceptional, as you can see in the photographs.  Clean mechanism, clean turntable, clean original crank. Victor Exhibition reproducer has a good needle bar, a good diaphragm, and it sounds great too.

Solid oak cabinet retains its original finish and it’s still silky smooth, with no issues. Victor data tag is clean, complete and legible. All of the Mission trim is original and undamaged. Complete original paper license is still affixed to the underside of the baseboard. All four feet are original as well.

Back-bracket enamel is clean and original, as are the decorations. All nickel plating is original, and all of it is clean

The turntable felt has been replaced, and the 22″ spear tip oak horn was later made by Eduardo Portillo in Lima, Peru. The horn’s finish matches that of the phonograph perfectly, and its condition is close to mint.  No splintered wood, no warping, no holes, no rim splits, no repair. Clean collar with nickel-plating that literally gleams.

A spectacular Victor V that needs nothing to be enjoyed immediately.


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