1917 NESCO CN-113 Radio Receiver


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Nice, clean, hard-to-find NESCO CN-113 radio with a contract date of April 7, 1917 — just 24 hours after the US entered the First World War.

A marvel of miniaturization, the National Electrical Supply Company’s CN-113, with a range of 300-2500 meters, stuffed much of the technology found in a Marconi 106 — at that time the most brilliantly engineered radio in the world — into a cabinet that was not much larger than a loaf of bread. Just 17″ x 7″ x 6″ and, at 9 pounds, light enough to be carried anywhere on a moment’s notice.

Condition of this CN-113 is very good throughout, with normal signs of wear but no evidence of abuse or neglect. Wiring is straight and original, coils are clean and still tightly wound around the forms. Cabinet finish is original, and the brass NESCO tag is original and still legible. Buzzer assembly and crystal detector are original (the mineral has been replaced). All of the knobs and switches are original and in excellent condition. The hard rubber panel is likewise in very good condition, with no filled holes, no repairs, no cracks. 

All of the electrical connections appear to be secure, and the condenser plates are clean, with no corrosion or oxidation. All of the tap switch contacts appear to be connected to the coils, and no contacts are missing. All of the panel screws are original, and none of them are missing. All of the binding post nuts are original, and none of them are missing. 

Overall, a wonderful example of a milestone in military communications. It needs nothing but a foot and a half of shelf space and an admiring new caretaker.


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