1919 Grebe RORH Vacuum Tube Radio Detector * Mint Condition


1919 Grebe RORH Vacuum Tube Radio Detector

Very scarce Grebe RORH detector made in late 1919 or early 1920 when Al Grebe was still building many of the components himself.

Condition is almost like new. Perfect panel; pristine original engraving; smooth original cabinet finish; early, all-brass Grebe binding post nuts.

Wiring appears to be original throughout, with a few drops of re-heated solder evident on “cold” connections. A UV-200 detector tube lights when a lantern battery is connected to the + and – posts in the  upper right corner of the panel, but no additional testing has been done, and the detector is being offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances stated or implied that it’s still suitable for radio reception.

Comes with a beautiful peach glass Moorhead display tube (open filament).


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