1922 Marconi V-2 Long Range Radio


1922 Marconi V-2 Long Range Radio.

Beautiful Marconiphone V-2 Long Range receiver manufactured in London ca. 1922. Comes with two good filament tipped valves, two Range Blocks, and a Regenerator.

Radio is original throughout, and its condition is excellent.

The mahogany cabinet is complete and undamaged (including the original peephole screens and removable front cover), with its original finish still intact. The original “G. Marconi” cabinet decal on the lid is still in good shape, with vibrant colors and minimal wear evident. BBC decal on the underside of the lid is still present and in good shape for an original. Interior Marconiphone decal is likewise original and in good condition. Original hardware is undamaged, with some light surface oxidation but no significant wear or corrosion. The front cover clips snugly into place, and the lid locks down securely.

There is no damage or staining evident in the lower battery compartment.

The chassis is original throughout, and the Range Blocks slip easily in and out of their slot. The arm on the Regenerator moves easily as well. The rheostat works properly, as does the adjustment arms for the Range Block. Tuning arm slides easily back and forth. The tubes test good for filament continuity, but no additional tests have been undertaken.

Offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances stated or implied that the radio is suited for contemporary broadcast reception.


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