1922 Marconiphone Crystal A Radio With S.G. Brown Headset


1922 Marconiphone Crystal A Radio Receiver

Nice, all-original Marconi Crystal A Radio.

The radio is a Millet set (named for the department stores in which they were sold, and distinguished by paper labels laid over the Marconi decals).

Condition is very good throughout.  The radio’s original leatherette covering is intact, and both of the paper labels are complete and legible. The radio’s panel is in good condition, with no issues, and both original detectors (one Perikon type, one Galena type) are in good condition, as is the original plug-in range block. The range block securing clips (in the lid) are original and undamaged, and the lid card is original and in good condition.

Chassis is clean and correct, with no modifications. All of the radio’s small hardware is original and in good condition.

The headset tests good with a battery, and its condition is essentially “as new.” Metal tips are still securely planted in the connecting wires. Headset requires an adapter plug (not included) to wire directly into the panel.


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