1923 Atwater Kent Model 6 Breadboard Radio


1923 Atwater Kent Model 6 Breadboard Radio

In early 1923, Atwater Kent introduced two “open mounted” radio models with RF amplification ahead of the detector: the 4052 (known today as the Model 6) and the 4066 (known today as the Model 7). Aesthetically speaking, these radios were without peer — a beautiful balance of metal, bakelite and wood. Their performance was a different matter, unfortunately, and they were discontinued several months later when the company introduced what would become its best-selling breadboard, the Model 10.

This factory-built Model 6 is clean and beautiful. It’s also tested and working.  The early orange/red mahogany board retains its original finish and exhibits normal crazing consistent with age and authenticity.  All of the chocolate brown bakelite is in excellent condition, with no chips, no cracks, no issues.  The engraved numbers and hash marks on all the dials are crisp and clear, and there are no damaged or missing backing plates.  The wire on the tuners is still tightly wound, and there are no stains anywhere.  The paint on the TA island is original and in excellent condition. The wiring on the underside of the board is pristine, as are the staples.  All four feet are original.

Comes as pictured, with 4 peach glass 1 amp tubes (open filaments). Requires good emissions 1 amp UV-201 or 1/4 amp UV-201a tubes for operation (not included).

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