1923 Atwater Kent Radiodyne With Rainbow Tubes * Serial #155


1923 Atwater Kent Radiodyne Breadboard Radio

Tested, working, and a collector’s trophy.

This unique and visually stunning presentation set (almost all of the radio’s brass parts are gold-plated) was painstakingly restored by a gifted radio engineer/historian, who went to extraordinary lengths to rejuvenate it (electrically and cosmetically) without sacrificing its originality.  The secondaries on the RF coils were re-wound (with factory-correct green-tinted wire), but the original board finish, the original board feet, the original under-board wiring, the original Atwater Kent audio transformers, the original olive green paint, and the original small hardware were all preserved.  The tarnished gold-plated parts were judiciously cleaned, but not polished.

The radio’s serial number — 155 — is the lowest on record for a Radiodyne, and it points to a “ground zero” assembly date — either the first or second day the model was in production.

The radio has been tested extensively with an ARBEIII power supply, and it works well, even during the day, when early battery radios are typically their least sensitive.  The tuning range is wide, and the output is loud. All five brass base, tipped rainbow 01A tubes have good emissions, and the radio can easily power a vintage cone speaker as well as a vintage horn.


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