1923 Paragon 3A Radio In Parquet Smoker’s Cabinet


1923 Paragon 3A Radio In Parquet Smoker’s Cabinet

The classic elegance of this early battery radio is tough to overstate. Hidden from view, at the owner’s discretion, were the dials and knobs that might test the willpower of even the most disciplined toddler. Moreover, all wiring and antenna connections were made through the underside of the base, so that when placed on a table adjacent to a wall, there was nothing to pull on, nothing to short circuit, nothing to destroy.

A magic mahogany talking box.

This example is in excellent condition, with good tubes and good original Paragon transformers. The cabinet has been well-maintained, and the gated front doors closely snugly — neither door is warped.  Cabinet finish is original, too. The panel is clean, the dials and knobs are all in good condition, with no damage, no issues. All of the original labels are present on the top deck of the chassis.

A beautiful, very uncommon set.

Measures approximately 12″ x 12″ x 12″.


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