1923 RadiaLamp Combination Radio Horn Speaker & Table Lamp


1923 RadiaLamp Horn Radio Speaker

Hard to believe, but in the 1920’s, horn radio speakers were considered to be unsightly intrusions on living room decor. With that in mind, the Radialamp Company of New York stumbled upon what it thought was a brilliant idea. Disguise a loudspeaker as a lamp, the company figured, and the world would beat a path to your door.

Well, that didn’t happen, but perhaps as a result RadiaLamps today are more cherished, and more collectible, than the horn speakers they sought to replace.

This example is in excellent condition, and it still works (both lamp and loudspeaker).  Exquisite patina on the bronzed casting, and the driver cord is still electrically viable.

Height is approximately 19″.


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