1924 Timbretone “Stradivarius” Model B Horn Radio Speaker


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Not much is known about the Timbretone Model B, a violin-shaped loud speaker that, in words of the company that created it, “does what others advertise.”

The Timbertone Model B was one of two horn speakers proudly manufactured in Hoosick Falls, New York by Timbretone. The company’s other loud speaker, though not as elegant as the Model B, was arguably just as unusual; it was a sheet-cake-shaped affair designed to sit atop a rectangular radio cabinet, like a talking¬† hat.

In advertising, the company claimed that its loud speaker designs were so revolutionary, they would forever enshrine Hoosick Falls as the loud speaker capital of the world.

History, as it turns out, had a different take on that claim, but the Model B remains one of the most collectible horn speakers ever manufactured.

This example is in very good condition overall, and it still works. There are a pair of age-related stress cracks on either side of the base — the violin — as you can see in the photos, but the wood is in nice shape, and the speaker actually sounds quite good when hooked up to an early battery radio.

Perhaps this is to be expected. The Model B, the company maintained, wasn’t just a masterstroke of craftsmanship, it actually “improved with age,” like a violin.


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