C. 1905 Marconi Spark Gap Transmitter


C. 1905 Marconi Spark Gap Transmitter

Large, all-original spark gap and inductance coil, manufactured in London by Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.  during the 1st decade of the last century.

Mounted on a 24″ x 12″ base and weighing almost 75 pounds, this historic instrument is a beast.  It was the heart and soul of a Marconi transmitting station, and –  when energized — its 20″ long inductance coil, coupled to a pair of 9″ long brass electrodes, could produce a stream of sparks (Morse code dots and dashes) capable of cutting through the ether like a knife cutting through a cake.

Condition overall is very good, with signs of wear consistent with age and normal use — most likely on a ship, where passengers could purchase “Marconigrams” to send to their friends and business acquaintances on shore.

Mahogany base is in good condition, with its original finish intact, and minor marks on all sides, but no damage. The gutta percha coil support stanchion adjacent to the interrupter is chipped, and there are cracks in the coil casing (in the back), but for a spark transmitter this old and this massive, these issues are easy to overlook.

All small hardware is original and correct.  Brass binding post nuts are in good condition, with normal tarnish. Coil sits securely on stanchions and can be removed for safe travel.

Offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances that it’s still suitable for spark generation. The wires running to the coil are broken and will need to be repaired/re-connected in order to energize the coil.

Shipping considerations require that bidders outside the USA contact us prior to purchasing.


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