1895 Columbia Type N Graphophone * Complete


1895 Columbia Type N Graphophone * All Original, Exceptional Condition & Complete

The Type N Graphophone, introduced by Columbia in 1895 and known also as the Bijou, was among the first cylinder machines marketed specifically with home entertainment in mind. Its design was elegant, its operation was simple, its price point was affordable, and its spring motor was reliable.  If the Apple Macintosh can be considered Ground Zero for the family-friendly home computer, the Columbia Type N can be considered Ground Zero for the family-friendly phonograph.

This particular Type N is original throughout, it runs well, and its condition is exceptional.  It comes an original gutta percha reproducer as well as an original gutta percha recorder — both in excellent condition.  Also included are an early Columbia brown wax cylinder and an original set of hearing tubes.

The cabinet is pristine, with a smooth original finish and a crisp original decal.  Underside of the cabinet is in excellent condition too, with no splintering.  Bedplate is clean, small hardware is clean, lid latches are working properly.  Original crank is the correct Type N crank with a flat throw.  Original Bell & Tainter license is still affixed to interior of the lid.

As nice an example of this historic cylinder phonograph as you’ll find anywhere. Truly a collector’s trophy.


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