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We’ve been selling high end technical antiques for more than 20 years on eBay (we still conduct at least 350 auctions each year). Our reputation speaks for itself with over 3,900 seller reviews and a 100% positive Feedback Rating. is where you’ll find our most extraordinary items for sale – the likes of which you won’t see duplicated by anyone, anywhere. See our About page for additional information.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the items we sell either work or can be made to work if you have the appropriate accessories and/or skills required to operate them. Certain items (wet plate cameras, early radios, electrostatic generators, etc), may require minor servicing in order to be made operable. If you have any questions about an item’s suitability for use, please contact us through the website in advance of your purchase.

Our shopping cart is securely integrated with PayPal. We accept all PayPal payment methods including credit cards.

PayPal Payment Options

For certain items yes, for other items no. Phonographs and automatic musical instruments are shipped with detailed set-up and operating instructions. Cameras, projectors, and electrical items are not.

Orders are typically shipped within 48 hours of successful check-out. If your order requires special preparation or handling (crating, custom rigging, etc), it may take a few days longer. Our primary goal is to make sure that your order arrives safely. When it comes to proper packing, we don’t cut corners for the sake of expediency.

Orders may be returned within 7 days of receipt for a full refund (less shipping, sales tax, and/or customs charges), provided they’re received in the same condition in which they were shipped to you, have not been tampered with, and are packed in a similar manner, using appropriate packing materials, etc.

You’ll receive relevant tracking information (typically Fedex, EMS or USPS tracking numbers) when your order is shipped.

We ship to most countries, but it’s a always a good idea to check with us in advance. 

No, they do not.  Customs and brokerage charges, if applicable, will need to be paid upon your receipt of the item. Those charges are not included in the purchase price.

Most but not all items can be shipped in a single package. If your purchased item requires more than one package in order to be shipped safely to you, you’ll receive tracking numbers for each individual package. For overseas shipments, declared value for multi-package shipments will be pro-rated over the number of packages shipped, unless otherwise requested.

For orders shipped to residents of North Carolina, sales tax will be charged at check-out. For orders shipped to residents of other states and countries, no sales tax will be charged. As noted above, however, residents of other countries may be assessed duty and brokerage charges upon receipt of the item.

If for some reason you receive the wrong item (highly unlikely), you can return it at our expense and we will promptly ship you the correct item.

If your order arrives damaged (also highly unlikely), please save all the packing materials and contact us immediately through the website. We’ll instruct you on how to proceed with a return.

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