1902 Zon-O-Phone Parlor Phonograph With 24″ Brass Horn & Fancy Arms * No Replica Parts


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina.

Immaculate, all-original 1902 Zon-O-Phone Parlor front mount disc phonograph. The phonograph runs well, looks almost like new, and it’s equipped with Zon-O-Phone’s most opulent horn and arm set-up.

Condition is outstanding.

Nothing has been restored, refinished, replated or repaired. The phonograph is as close to “mint” as you’re likely to find, and it’s complete and correct in all respects.  Smooth original cabinet finish; clean original turntable felt; working turntable springpin; beautifully plated parts; straight original 24″ brass horn with its proprietary elbow still securely soldered to the nozzle; clean original traveling arm and support arm; clean original crank with an undamaged wood handle; clean brake that works properly; excellent original V Concert reproducer; clean mechanism; strong motor; pristine original cabinet decal; etc.

A top shelf example of an uncommon early Zon-O-Phone.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better example anywhere.


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