1906 Victor 6 Phonograph With Original Mache Horn


1906 Victor 6 Phonograph With Original Mache Horn

The earliest versions of this stately phonograph — Victor’s flagship outside horn machine from 1905 forward — were designated with an Arabic number 6 rather than the Roman numeral VI.  The paper mache horn found on the early Victor 6 had superior sonic attributes, but it was eventually deemed too fragile to be practical and was abandoned after a few years. For obvious reasons, it’s difficult these days to find an early 6 with its original mache horn.

This is a beautiful example of an early Victor 6, and it’s a purist’s dream.  No replica or replacement parts. Original finish on the cabinet, original felt on the turntable, original back-bracket enamel, with original gold decorations. Perhaps most important, the phonograph’s gold plating is original throughout, and the original paper mache horn is in excellent condition.

The machine plays well, and its original gold Exhibition reproducer sounds great.

Comes with an early Victor needle box, an early packet of Victor needles, and a bottle of Victor motor oil in its original wood canister.

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