1910 Columbia BII Phonograph With Original Columbia Spear Tip Wood Horn


1910 Columbia BII Phonograph With Original Columbia Spear Tip Wood Horn

Beautiful, robust Disc Graphophone with a triple-spring motor, Romanesque cabinetry and a bent wood “spear tip” horn.  The cabinet measures 16″ x 16″ x 8″. The horn’s diameter at the bell is 22″.

The BII was Columbia’s answer to the Victor V, but this late, all-original example (even the turntable felt is original) is more elegantly acquitted and more visually commanding than the Vic. V, though it’s just as workmanlike.

Condition is outstanding, and the oak Columbia spear tip horn, with its subtly striated leaves, is probably the best one we’ve ever seen. Its finish is original, and it’s immaculate, with no issues of any type.

Oak cabinet’s finish is original, and it’s still smooth to the touch on all sides, including the top. The oak itself is beautifully marbled and serves as a perfect counterpoint to the horn. The original Columbia cabinet decal is nearly flawless.

Clean mechanism, clean turntable, with clean original felt and no dings in the nickel-plated dust guard. Original reproducer has a good diaphragm and is loud and dynamic.

The phonograph runs great, it runs quietly, and it needs nothing to be enjoyed immediately.

This is a spectacular BII that will take possession of any room in which it’s placed. The new owner will be delighted.

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