1922 Bruno BRU-3 One-Tube Radio


1922 Bruno BRU-3 Dry Cell Battery Radio

Unusual and uncommon BRU-3 dry cell battery radio. The set uses a single WD-11 tube as a detector and a loose-coupled receiving transformer as a tuner. Made by the Bruno Radio Corporation of New York, which before, during and after its tenure as a purveyor of radios and radio parts was allegedly a supplier of do-it-yourself distilling equipment for Prohibition era moonshiners.

Condition is very good throughout. There’s a faint inch-long scratch in the upper right corner of the front panel, along with scattered minor marks in the wood’s finish, but the radio does not appear to have seen much use over the past 98 years, and was possibly never used at all.  Loose coupler’s secondary coil moves easily along the rails, and the coil wire is clean and undamaged.  Interior wiring is clean, and the connections appear to be secure.

There is no tag on the baseboard, just two small holes where it was once pinned.

Comes with a pair of Splitdorf headphones and a nicely-labeled WD-11 Aeriotron tube. The headphones have open drivers, and the tube has an open filament. They are included for display purposes only.  The radio was tested with a good WD-11 tube but was unable to bring in stations, so it is being offered for historical purposes only.


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