1921 Commerce Radiophone * Detroit, Michigan


1921 Commerce Radiophone * Detroit, Michigan

Designed to look like a tool box, the Commerce Radiophone was a crystal set manufactured in Detroit from 1919 to 1921. The radio’s unconventional design (removable lid, gated cabinet, double-slide tuning mechanism with one slider’s control mounted on the vertical face of the panel, and the other slider’s control mounted on the horizontal face) has made it among the most collectible of all American crystal radios.

The radio is in good condition throughout, particularly the leatherette cabinet covering, which is complete and intact. The cabinet’s latching hardware and hinges are original and in good condition, with normal oxidation, and neither of the doors has detached. The lid has not warped, and it can be secured to the lower cabinet.

The lower right corner of the instruction sheet on the underside of lid is missing, as well as a small section along the upper right edge, but the sheet is otherwise legible and in reasonably good condition.

When a Commerce Radiophone surfaces, it’s usually a “basket case,” with a missing or incorrect detector, a missing or damaged lid and at least one missing or damaged door.  Though not perfect, this example is in remarkably good condition for an unrestored original.

The radio includes an uncommon set set of working Crosley headphones.

Shipping weight, properly packed, will be about 12 lb.


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