1917 Marconi 106 Radio Receiver


1917 Marconi 106 Radio Receiver

Perhaps Marconi’s best known radio, the 106 was manufactured in Aldene, NJ beginning in the mid-teens, with B, C & D iterations produced through the end of the decade.  This early version, with its etched dials and broad-lipped cabinet, is truly iconic; it’s the radio that comes to your mind’s eye when you think of a Marconi 106. Interestingly, this particular example is just 10 digits off from the Kreuzer model plated in Wenaas’s Radiola “bible,” and it has the same NESCO tag/license affixed to the top of the cabinet, below the Marconi data plate.

Condition is excellent. The radio is original throughout, with no modifications, no damage, no repairs, no issues.  It’s as nice an example as you’re likely to find anywhere, right down to the matching numbers blind-stamped into both sections of the cabinet.  Buzzer assembly is complete and correct, and the enameled metal buzzer cover is correct as well.  Detector is original and complete, knobs and dials are all in good shape.  Panel is clean, with no cracks or repairs. The loose coupler is clean and complete, and the rack and pinion assembly is stiff but not broken (the rack will need to be disassembled and lubricated before the coupler can be manipulated).

Original cabinet finish is in excellent condition, with scattered minor marks consistent with age and use. Screws securing the cabinet to the chassis are original, and no screws are missing.

Look over the photos, and you’ll no doubt come to the same conclusion that we have, which is that you’ll have to look long and hard to find a better example of this historic radio.

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