1922 DeForest MR-6 Interpanel Radio With 14 Plug-In Coils & Rack


DeForest MR-6 Interpanel Radio With 14 Plug-In Coils & Rack

Manufactured in 1922, the last version of the Deforest MR-6 radio and its counterpart the RadioCraft MR-6 were the basis of a court order that forced Deforest to cease building radios that either incorporated regeneration in their circuits or allowed end users to easily modify the circuits for regeneration. The paper label affixed to the underside of the radio’s lid was an attempt by the manufacturer to pro-actively address the latter infringement, but it was unsuccessful.

Condition of this MR-6 is excellent, as you can see in the pictures, and it includes a rack of plug-in coils that cover the broadcast band and beyond — 35 meters to 600 meters.  All parts are original (including the transformers, dials, knobs, switches, condensers, binding post nuts, etc.) Pristine fumed oak cabinet with its original finish still intact.

Panels are excellent, with no cracks, no chipped corners, no other damage. No missing panels screws.  Bakelite dials about as nice as you’ll find on this set, with crisp lettering and no cracks or chips.  Wiring is straight and original, with a few open connections that need to be re-soldered. Condensers turn easily, condenser plates are clean, and both condensers have their lead counterweights to keep them from swinging out of adjustment once a station is tuned.  AF transformers are clean and correct.

The toggle stick for the 1st Condenser is detached from the shaft and will need to be re-tapped and re-threaded back onto the screw. It’s still secured by the metal clip, but it’s non-functional.

Includes 3 globe 01a tubes with good emissions.

The radio is being offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances stated or implied that it’s still suitable for radio reception.

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