1897 Edison Spool Bank Projecting Kinetoscope * 1st Projecting Kinetoscope


1897 Edison Spool Bank Projecting Kinetoscope * First Projecting Kinetoscope

The “Spool Bank” was the first Projecting Kinetoscope. It was known as the Spool Bank because, like the arcade Kinetoscope of 1894, it did not have supply or take-up reels and instead ran film through a series of spools that fed the projection head and allowed the filmstrip to run continuously.

The last gallery photo, taken from an 1897 copy of The Electrical Age, shows how the spool bank was configured with the projection head.

Condition is exceptional. Projector is original throughout, including the lens, crank, cabinet, shutter, etc. Mechanism is operable, and the shutter runs smoothly. Original cabinet finish, original leather carrying strap, original hardware and fittings.

An exceedingly rare, historic projector, and quite possibly the cleanest, most original example in existence.

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