1902 Zon-O-Phone Glass-Sided London Grand Phonograph


1902 Zon-O-Phone Glass-Sided London Grand Phonograph

Like the early glass-sided Zon-O-Phone Concert Grand, the glass-sided London Grand is uncommon and eminently collectible. Both were transitional phonographs, bridges between the simple but elegant glass-sided “A” of 1900-01 and the more ornate, fancy-armed Zon-O-Phones of 1902-04.

Condition of this example is excellent throughout. Judiciously restored (cabinet refinished, nickeled parts re-plated), it’s beautiful to behold, and it plays very well. Both cut glass cabinet panes are original and undamaged, as is the 24″ all brass Zon-O-Phone horn. Original crank and original reproducer, and the horn’s original elbow is still securely soldered to the barrel. Fancy arms are replicas made by Norm and Janyne Smith in the 90’s.

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