1905 Zon-O-Phone Grand Phonograph


1905 Zon-O-Phone Grand Phonograph * No Replica Parts

In production only briefly and assembled with parts from previously discontinued models, the “Grand” was the last metal bed Zon-O-Phone, the last fancy arm Zon-O-Phone, and the last Zon-O-Phone to use an oversized S-shaped crank.

It was, in short, the last Zon-O-Phone that actually looked like a Zon-O-Phone.

Condition of this example is excellent. The cabinet finish is original and the original cabinet decals are pristine. Both arms are original, and both are clean, with hardly any oxidation or pitting. Waffled bedplate is clean, with minimal tarnish. Large diaphragm Zon-O-Phone reproducer is clean, with good mica and good original gaskets. Beautiful horn, beautiful crank — a beautiful phonograph all around.

Cabinet base measures approximately 11″ wide by 10″ deep by 7″ high.

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