1902 Zon-O-Phone Concert Grand Phonograph


1902 Zon-O-Phone Concert Grand Phonograph * Stunning * No Replica Parts

This is one of the most beautiful Zon-O-Phones we’ve ever encountered. The turntable felt has been replaced, but it’s otherwise original throughout, and its condition is close to mint. The bedplate is clean, with minimal nickel wear.  Same for the brake, speed screw, support arm bolt, and rim on the original 9″ turntable. The original Zon-O-Phone V Concert reproducer is clean and undamaged, and it sounds great.

Smooth original piano cabinet finish, with richly textured oak grain and nearly perfect original cabinet decals. Rare celluloid dealer’s tag is complete and legible.

The original fancy arms are in excellent condition, with no significant pitting or rust and just minimal nickel wear.

The original all-brass Concert Grand horn (26″ long with a 14″ diameter bell) has been professionally polished and is in excellent condition, with no dings, no dents, no issues.

The original crank is in excellent condition, with nice original nickel plating.

The motor is in excellent condition, with plenty of torque, and the phonograph has no trouble making it through records of any size without needing to be re-wound.

A big, meticulously maintained Concert Grand that needs nothing to be enjoyed immediately. You’ll likely never find a better example.

Shipping considerations require that overseas buyers contact us prior to purchase.


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