1906 Edison Home Phonograph With 26″ Brass Horn & Original Crane * 2 & 4 Minute Gearing


Edison Home Phonograph With 26″ Brass Horn & Original Crane * Near Mint Condition * 2 & 4 Minute Gearing

Pristine c. 1906 Edison Home Phonograph. The phonograph has a 2/4 minute gearing attachment and can play almost any cylinder ever made.

Condition is outstanding. Beautiful cabinet, with a smooth original finish and a nearly perfect original banner decal. The original bedplate enamel is still black and glossy, and the original bedplate decorations are superb, almost like new. The original 26″ all brass horn is likewise in exceptional condition. No dings, no dents, professionally polished from top to bottom. The original horn crane has been professionally re-plated and has the original patent information stamped into the foot.

The 2-minute C reproducer in in excellent condition, with an undamaged diaphragm. Gaskets are good, and the reproducer sounds great. A 2-minute cylinder will be included, along with detailed, easy-to-understand set-up instructions.


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