1909 Victor P-2 Phonograph


1909 Victor P-2 Phonograph * Scarce & All-Original * Near Mint Condition

The elusive P-2, manufactured briefly in 1909, is the missing link in almost every advanced collection of Victor phonographs. Comprising a mash-up of leftover parts salvaged from earlier models, the P-2 was the last Victor front mount phonograph to use a conventional traveling arm and support arm (the front mount Victor Junior, which was in production until the late teens, did not have a traveling arm; rather, its horn mounted directly to the support arm, in the manner of a Busy Bee Grand).

As you can see from the photographs, this example is exceptional, to the extent that it may possibly be unsold original stock. It’s original and correct throughout, with a minty original cabinet finish that exhibits virtually no wear. The oxide-treated escutcheons, support arm and knurled support arm mounting bolts are likewise almost like new, with no visible signs of wear. Traveling arm is pristine (save for some oxidation on the reproducer sleeve), crank is clean, with light oxidation in areas; horn is outstanding (it has not been rolled, polished, or re-lacquered), turntable felt is original, with no rends, needle digs or insect damage. The ID plate is clean and legible, the brake is working properly, the horn elbow is nearly perfect, with no dings or dents, and boldly stamped patent information.

Original single-motor is in excellent condition, and the machine plays well given that it was built to a price rather than a standard. Like the Victor B that preceded it by almost a decade, the P-2’s mechanism is mounted on the baseboard, and the entire cabinet slips over it.

It seems unlikely that there is a finer, more original example of this rare, eminently collectible phonograph available for sale anywhere, but if there is, we’d like you to let us know so that we can purchase it ourselves.


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