1898 Polyphone Attachment For Edison Home Phonograph


1898 Polyphone Attachment For Edison Home Phonograph

This uncommon 19th century phonograph attachment was sold by the Chicago Talking Machine Co. and allowed you to convert your Edison Home Phonograph into a Polyphone — the auditory equivalent of a stereoscope. The attachment features twin apertures for separate Edison Automatic reproducers, slightly offset from each other.

According to the manufacturer, with a Polyphone, the quality of every recording was enhanced, making it “twice as loud and much more musical.”

Polyphone attachments are uncommon and highly collectible.  Occasionally, one will surface for an Edison Standard, but Polyphone attachments for the Edison Home are few and far between. Condition of this example is excellent, and it’s guaranteed to be an authentic Chicago Talking Machine Co. attachment, not a later made replica.


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