1912 Clapp Eastham CECO Loose Coupler


Early and uncommon “CECO” brand loose coupler, manufactured by Clapp Eastham in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The radio tuner was used in the company’s early crystal receivers and is not often found as a stand-alone unit.

Condition is superb, close to mint.  Wire is still tightly wrapped around the large coil forms, and the wire’s original lacquer coating is still intact. The novel slider mechanisms are undamaged and working properly. Soldered joints are original and secure, with no repairs.

Wood baseboard and standards are pristine, with a clean original finish that’s still smooth and glossy. Gutta percha knobs are in great shape. Small hardware is in excellent condition, with virtually no tarnish or oxidation.

A marvelous, all-original example of a very scarce Wireless Era radio tuner.

Measures approximately 17″ x 8″ x 7″.


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