1917 NESCO CN-240 Radio Receiver


1917 NESCO CN-240 Radio Receiver * Uncommon & Extraordinary Spark Era Set

Battleship ready, NESCO’s CN-240 was large, heavy, ruggedly built, uniquely designed and extremely versatile. It had a functional schematic engraved on its panel; it could be used with either a vacuum tube Audion detector or a crystal detector; and it had a wavelength range of 1,000-10,000 meters.

Condition of this example is excellent throughout. Cabinet is original, with normal finish wear and scattered marks on all sides. Original cabinet handles, with no damage. Chassis is clean, and the radio’s tuning mechanism is complete and original and working properly. Original buzzer, original buzzer cover, and original buzzer switch. The wiring is original, with no re-wiring, no re-soldering, no repairs. Coils are original, with no loose wire, no issues. Tuning coils and tuning condensers can be manipulated easily.

Panel is excellent and undamaged, and the engraving retains its original color fill. Original knobs, original pointers, original tap switches, original contacts. Original cabinet and panel screws. Several of the retaining screws on the side of the cabinet are replacements. All other cabinet screws appear to be original. All of the binding posts are original, and none of the binding post nuts are missing.

The original NESCO ID plate is in excellent condition — clean and wholly legible.

The radio has not been tested and is being offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances stated or implied that it is suitable for contemporary broadcast reception.

Measures approximately 24″ wide by 15″ high by 11″ deep.

Shipping considerations require that buyers outside the US contact us prior to purchase.


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