1931 Ozarka 93 Cathedral Radio


1931 Ozarka 93 Cathedral Radio

Stunning Ozarka 93 cathedral radio in working condition, judiciously restored in the late 1990’s.

In the No. 2 cabinet — the most elegant, and the most desirable.

This 20″ high superheterodyne radio is in a class by itself and is probably the most sought after cathedral set ever made. It’s large, ornate, built to be noticed.

If the Ford GT40 is the gold standard of production race cars, the Ozarka 93 is the gold standard of production cathedral radios.

Condition is outstanding. Restored to mint condition about 20 years ago, and kept that way since. Clean chassis, clean hardware, original Rola cone speaker, good tubes, undamaged original knobs, legible dial, cabinet finish that’s almost flawless.  You can spend five or six thousand dollars on a “fixer-upper,” then dump another fifteen hundred into a quality electronic and cosmetic restoration, and you still won’t have a radio as nice as this one.

Tested extensively and working fine.

Think about it.

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