1923 Bristol Model D Radio With Matching Bristol Audiophone Horn Speaker


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Best known for its line of Audiophone loudspeakers and their accompanying single-stage amplifiers, Waterbury, Connecticut’s Bristol Company also manufactured and sold (though only briefly) a broadcast receiver, the elegant and uncommon Model D.

The Bristol Model D employed the David Grimes Inverse-Duplex radio circuit and was housed in a lidded, solid wood cabinet that made it resemble, at first glance, a cross between a Radiola Grand and an oversized Aeriola Sr. — but more beautiful than either of those radios, with four exposed 01A tubes prominently projecting from its polished bakelite panel.

This Bristol D is in excellent condition, as you can see in the photographs, and it’s being offered with a Bristol Senior Audiophone, also in excellent condition.

The radio’s chassis is clean and correct, with straight original wiring, an unstained, tightly wound tuner, and original AF transformers, both of which test open. The radio’s polished bakelite panel has a mirror-like surface, and exhibits no scratches, no cracks, no filled holes, no issues.

The cabinet finish is original and in good condition, and the original Bristol decal on the underside of the lid is also original, and its condition is close to perfect. The original lock and key are still working.

The speaker retains its original gold/copper paint, with no repainting, no touch-ups, no other restoration.  The speaker driver is original, as are the connecting wires between the base and the driver housing. The driver is good, and the speaker still works.

The radio comes with 4 brass base, tipped display tubes.


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