1924 Atwater Kent Model 9-A & Dictogrand Radio Horn * Complete, Correct & Working * AK’s Last Inductively-Tuned Breadboard


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Uncommon final version of the Atwater Kent 9-A (aka 4445-A), offered here with a beautiful Dictogrand brass bell radio horn. The “black can” 9-A was made only briefly in early 1924. It was the company’s last inductively-tuned radio and the first to feature a wiring harness. Built on a board just 24″ long, the radio was assembled from parts left over from the production of the recently discontinued 4445 (Model 9) and 4066 (Model 7), together with a detector-amplifier island whose black enamel was the first textured paint used on any type of AK breadboard.

Condition of both radio and horn is excellent, and both still work.  Original black crinkle paint on the radio’s TA island is excellent, with no deterioration on the mounting flange. Glossy brown bakelite parts everywhere, with no scratches, no cracks, no chips, no issues. Both tuners (Type 11 and Coupled Circuit) are in excellent condition and working properly. Under the board, it’s pristine: original wiring; original staples, original paper tags, original high voltage bypass capacitor, original feet, etc. No repairs or restoration anywhere, stain-free original wire still tightly wound around the tuner forms. Tuning dials have crisp original nomenclature, and they turn easily. The potentiometer and RF amplifier island are both in excellent condition. Beautiful original brass hardware with only moderate tarnish

Board finish is clean and original. Battery harness is full length and retains its original paper hang tag identifying the various connections. The radio comes with a complete set of good brass base, tipped o1A tubes.

Dictogrand horn is as nice as the radio it complements. Both the horn and the housing exhibit minimal wear, just scattered minor marks consistent with age and gentle handling. The bell is in excellent shape, with no dings, no dents, no other damage, and the metal base is still perfectly formed. Driver cord is original, and it’s in excellent condition, with the metal tips still firmly secured to the cord’s sheathing. The driver is still tucked inside the base, and the speaker works well, reproducing audio input clearly.

To operate the radio and speaker, you’ll need a good regulated DC power supply (such as an ARBEIII, available from ARBEIII.com), a longwire outdoor antenna (approximately 120 feet long 15 feet off the ground), and some experience at the helm of an inductively-tuned 1920’s battery radio.

A beautiful pair. A perfect match. An uncommon, eminently collectible and working antique breadboard outfit from the first few years of broadcasting.


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