1921 Grebe CR-6 Radio * Excellent * Tested & Working


1921 Grebe CR-6 Radio * Excellent

Tested & Working.

The stately, oft-mythologized and rarely seen CR-6 was Grebe’s top-of-the-line radio from 1920 to 1922. It featured a tube detector, a complex, highly selective 3-circuit tuner and two stages of AF amplification.

All those bells and whistles came at a price, however ($180, more than half of what you’d pay for a Model T Ford), and when the more compact and more easily tuned CR-9 — also featuring a tube detector and 2 stages of AF amplification — was introduced in 1921 for 50% less, the CR-6 became a tough sell.

Though cataloged until late 1922, the CR-6 was effectively out of the product line not long after the CR-9 hit the market.

Condition of this example is excellent, and as noted above, the radio has been tested, and it still works.  The cabinet has some discoloration on the top side of the lid, but its condition overall is quite good. Both audio transformers are original, and both are still electrically viable (primaries test approximately 475 ohms, secondaries test approximately 5750 ohms).

There’s considerable oxidation on the 2nd stage phone jack, and it will need to be cleaned/removed in order for the 2nd stage of audio to be used through the panel. Presently, there is no filament current passing to the third tube socket when the 2nd stage jack is activated. The amp section’s gain is good, however, and the 1st stage is sufficient to power most vintage horn speakers to a reasonable level.

There are 2 small filled holes in the panel, one right above the detector rheostat control, the other right below it (see last photo). At first blush, these appear to be screw heads, but a closer look reveals there’s no slot, and that they are in fact tiny panel plugs. Their presence, easy to overlook, is a mystery lost to the ages.

The radio comes with brass base tipped display tubes and 3 bakelite base UX tubes. The radio was tested with the UX tubes that are included.

Though presently working, when connected to a longwire outdoor antenna and a regulated DC power supply, the radio is being offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances stated or implied that it is suitable in the long term for broadcast reception.

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