1885 Chadwick Tailboard Camera With Chadwick Lens


1885 W.I. Chadwick Single Lens Stereo Tailboard Camera

Beautifully made Chadwick view camera (dual use — stereo and mono) with its original Chadwick lens, its original front & back leather lens covers, and two 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ plate holders.

Build quality is exceptional.  Dove-tailed joints, beveled edges, screwed sides, French-polished finish. The leather bellows are still supple and appear to be light tight. Lacquered brass fittings are clean, with a beautiful patina.  Lens is clear, and the aperture control is working properly. Camera’s rack & pinion focusing assembly works properly, too.

Condition overall is outstanding, and the camera is entirely original, with no restoration or repair.

The camera is notched in back for a septum and has an oval lens opening on the front standard. It can be used for either single-image photography or stereo photography. For stereo images, the lensboard is moved to the far left, at which point an image is recorded, and then moved to the far right, at which point a second image — slightly offset from the first — is recorded.  With the bellows chamber divided by a septum (not included) both images are unique but recorded on a single 6 x 4 plate or sheet of cut film.

This camera represents Victorian craftsmanship at its very best.


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