1901 Victor Type A Phonograph With Eldridge Johnson New Century Sound Box


1901 Victor Type A Phonograph With Eldridge Johnson New Century Sound Box

Clean and complete Victor Type A phonograph, manufactured ca. 1901 by Eldridge Johnson shortly after his formation of the Victor Talking Machine Co. in Camden, NJ.

The phonograph is in excellent condition overall. It runs well and has no reproduction parts, no restoration, and no repairs.

Original case finish, original Victor horn (with original paint and stripes), original Johnson New Century sound box, original horn elbow, original horn cradle, original crank, original traveling arm, original support arm, original brake, original turntable felt, original record hold down, original felt on the underside of the record hold down, etc.

The horn elbow has a retaining clamp that was used by Berliner at the time (there are no screws), so it’s possible that the phonograph was exported to Canada.

Base is in excellent condition and retains its original finish. Small hardware that secures the support arm to the base is original.

New Century Sound Box is in very good condition with what appears to be its original gaskets, mica and thumbscrew.

An excellent, unmolested example of an uncommon and highly collectible phonograph.

Comes with an early Victor 7″ record.

Shipping considerations require that buyers outside the USA contact us prior to purchase.


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