1905 Zonophone Grand Opera Phonograph


1905 Zon-O-Phone Grand Opera Phonograph

Late Grand Opera manufactured by the Universal Talking Machine Co. c. 1904-06.

This was Zon-O-Phone’s largest and most expensive phonograph, and it features a solid oak cabinet with turned wood corners, a tiered base, a tapering tonearm, a triple-spring motor, a 9″ turntable and a stunning 22″ long all-brass horn with a 17″ diameter bell.

Condition is excellent throughout. The reproducer and motor have been rebuilt, the cabinet has been French-polished/re-varnished, and the horn has been polished/re-lacquered.

Other than the turntable felt, which has been replaced, the phonograph has no replica or incorrect parts.

Both cabinet decals are original, and they’re still crisp and un-scarred. Back-bracket enamel is original, and it’s clean and complete, with no flaking. Back-bracket decorations are original, and they’re still prominent. Paper license on the underside of the base is original and in excellent condition — complete and legible. Nickel-plated parts have been burnished, and they gleam.

Overall, a gorgeous phonograph plays well and will arrive ready to use and enjoy.

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