1902 Rigid Arm Victor E Phonograph * Exceptional Condition


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina.

Beautiful Rigid Arm Victor E, ca. 1902. The phonograph is wholly original, and its condition is excellent.

The delicate horn elbow is undamaged and properly formed, so that the horn is angled up at approximately 45 degrees, not slumping down, parallel to the turntable, sagging from its own weight.

The 20″ long  (22″ including the elbow) brass and black horn itself is in excellent condition, with clean original black paint and no creases, no dents, no damage. It’s the correct horn for the Rigid Arm E, with a Nipper decal whose background is blue-green.

The cabinet finish is pristine, and the cabinet itself is nearly perfect, with the original paper license still affixed to the underside of the base.

Back-bracket enamel is deep black and glossy and completely original, with no repainting, no touch-ups.

The Exhibition reproducer (very uncommon; most Rigid Arm reproducers — which have their flange holes drilled differently to accommodate the Rigid Arm’s unique mount — are Concert models) has a clean, undamaged diaphragm and a straight needle bar. The record hold down has its original felt still affixed to the underside of the clamp.

The turntable felt is original, and its condition is excellent.

The tonearm’s “scissor” mechanism is working properly, the tonearm weld is secure, the arm’s lateral movement is unrestricted, and the phonograph is a good player.

Clean nickel-plating everywhere, and all of it is original.

A great opportunity to own a wonderful and very uncommon machine.


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