1912 Columbia BZ Phonograph With Spear Tip Horn & Gradient Mixed Woods


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Beautiful, uncommon, 1912 Columbia BZ disc phonograph with a matching 18″ diameter spear tip wood horn.

The phonograph is a marvel. It’s in mint condition, with an original cabinet finish that exhibits virtually no wear and an original cabinet decal that’s close to flawless. The cabinetry — mahogany-stained spruce with a gradient from red to brown, beveled corners and triple-tiered base molding — is complemented perfectly by the later made two-tone spear tip horn (mahogany-stained spear tip interior, smooth oak exterior).

The horn was hand-crafted with mixed woods by Don Gfel of Milan, Ohio, and like the phonograph, it’s artful, elegant, impeccably executed.

Spotless original enamel on the back-bracket (with perfect original gold highlights), gleaming nickel on the plated parts, glossy original mahogany lacquer on the motorboard’s screw-heads (yes, the screws are original too).

There’s some oxidation on the crank, and the turntable’s felt has been replaced, but the phonograph is otherwise as clean and original as you’ll find.

The phonograph runs well, sounds great, and needs nothing to be enjoyed immediately.

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