1902-03 Victor Phonograph Horn For Rigid Arm M, Rigid Arm E & Rigid Arm MS


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Uncommon original Victor horn for the early Rigid Arm rear-mount phonographs (except the Rigid Arm R, which used an all-black zinc bell horn). Horn is black and brass and 19″ in length (approximately 21″ when threaded into an elbow.)

The Nipper decal is full-color (red, blue, black, brown white, gray & gold) and similar to the decal seen on later Victor wood horns. The decal is also oriented differently with respect to the threads so that when threaded onto an original Rigid Arm elbow, Nipper is facing the side of the room, where he can be seen, not the ceiling or the floor (which is the case when an incorrect horn is threaded into a Rigid Arm elbow).

Condition is very good overall, and the horn paint and decal are original. Brass bell has been professionally polished.  There are some scars/streaks in the paint, as you can see in the photos, and the nozzle’s threads are worn, but the horn still mounts securely in a rigid arm elbow.  There’s also a pinhole on one side of the nozzle, but this has no effect on the horn’s integrity and may have actually been put there at some point to distinguish the horn from a conventional front mount Victor horn.


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