1907 Victor II Phonograph With Fancy “Humpback” Case, Pedestal Feet & Flower Horn


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This early, fancy case Victor II — known colloquially as the “humpback” because of its distinctive raised mounting surface for the back-bracket/tonearm assembly — is in excellent working order and comes with a beautiful, all-original Victor morning glory horn whose Nipper decal is still crisp and complete.

Clean cabinet, outstanding original finish, undamaged original pedestal feet, clean mechanism, clean data plate and the motor still has plenty of torque.  The original Victor Exhibition reproducer has been rebuilt and sounds great. The turntable felt has been replaced.

The large morning glory horn is in excellent condition. No dents, no damage, no open seams, and clean, glossy original paint both inside and out. Clean original Nipper decal, and prominent gold details along the exterior ribs.


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